What are bad credit loans?

The term suggests its role. Bad credit loans are the financial products specifically designed to provide financial assistance to the loan application with a poor credit score. Usually, approval is not conveniently attainable for you in bad credit situations, and the lenders to act reluctant. But not all loan providers are the same. Some offer bad credit loans on guaranteed approval online. The prime task is how to detect them in the abundance of the countless options available in the market. Should you apply to many lenders, NO, it can cause a further degrade in the credit score due to multiple search footprints your credit file gets due to credit check. One smart way is to find a common platform where you can get the multiple borrowing options with easier installments. Our relatable offers by varied lenders on bad credit installment loans provide a rich choice of alternatives. One smart way is to find a common platform where you can directly get the related bad credit loan deals and compare the cost part. FastenLoans solves this purpose through its large size panel of loan providers. Our reach across the USA ensures that you get the best possible deal at the lowest reasonable rates. You can borrow from $1000 to $10000, and the tenure is 3 months to 36 months.

Are you eligible for Bad credit Loans?

Your eligibility depends on several factors that ensure your financial capacity to the lender. Following are the fundamental needs on the eligibility front –

  • Citizenship of the United States

  • A job that facilitates regular monthly income

  • A debt-to-income ratio of 60:40 or 70:30 (FastenLoans can arrange funds even at 50:50)

  • Name on the electoral roll with the latest address

You can also see that these conditions are simple and easy to fulfill. It is the first gatekeeper, to move forward and get funds.

Why Choose FastenLoans for bad credit loans?

We need to be very clear on this part, as we believe that it is your right to know everything about us that can be of use to you.

Your satisfaction is the prime target, and we keep adding new features to our services. In the coming months, we may stun you with more new offers and enhancing services.

Note: After covid-19, we have arranged discounted rates through our lenders.

How To Geta Guaranteed Bad Credit Loan

Based on repayment capacity, you can get lucrative options of best loans for bad credit with pocket-friendly deals.

  • Provide the salary slip of last 6 months

  • Show the employment stability proof through appointment letter of the current company

  • Do not change the job before you apply for the loan

  • A poor history can be neglected, but bad recent financial behavior is unavoidable

More stable you look in your personal finances, more strong are your chances of loan approval. The direct lenders for bad credit loans need to see a strong payback capacity to get surety that they will get their money back.

More information on bad credit loans

Here is a bunch of some facts that enhance your knowledge of bad credit loans, and you can make better borrowing decisions in the future.

The above points can guide you to the smarter borrowing experience. Information is the first tool to make smart financial decisions.


How fast can I get a bad credit loan?

Your speed of getting a loan depends entirely on your repayment capacity. Stronger you are on that front, faster you can attain funds. Current income status, bills, and debt payments are the two essential pillars that play a critical role in the approval decision.

Do I need to pay high-interest rates due to a bad credit score?

A bad credit score applicant gets a higher rate but not too high as compared to the right credit score person. With stable financial conditions, you can get the funds at lower prices. We can search for the cheapest deals for you available in the market.