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Whatever the reason you feel Christmas is expensive - presents, parties and decoration – you can take out Christmas loans. The FastenLoans will help you get money at competitive APRs and does not impose any restriction on the use of funds. You are eligible to apply for these loans as long as you have a full-time job. Borrowers with part-time jobs or freelancing are also welcome.

Christmas is the moment of sharing happiness, making new friends, forgiving beloved ones and rekindling the spirit. From adorning the house to lighting candles in the church, every part of the celebration brings smile to your lips. It feels sad when the beam begins to fade away due to lack of funds. Do not let anything stop you enjoying this Christmas, neither financial worries.

The minimum limit of our Christmas loan is $1,000 that can go up to $5,000 depending on:

  • Your income sources
  • Credit needs
  • Repayment capacity

We suggest you that you should not borrow money more than your affordability.

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Applying for a Christmas loan is not difficult at all. You can get money the same day you put in the application form. It takes two minutes to fill out the form. We take a few minutes to review your application.

Once the initial-stage approval is done, you will have to provide income statement and then the money will be transferred directly to your account within 15 minutes.

What is the best time to apply for these loans?

People generally think that the best time to apply for these loans is just a few days before the festival begins.

People generally think that the best time to apply for these loans is just a few days before the festival begins.

  • What if you are planning to renovate your home?
  • What if you need to book a hall for your Christmas party?

Since it depends on your plans and purposes, there is no particularly the best time to take out such funding source. Our loans are available for 365 days.


An impaired credit standing often prevents you from borrowing money. Though direct lenders in the US approve as many bad credit applications as possible, there is no guarantee that you will not face rejection. They are likely to turn you down if they doubt that you do not have the repayment capacity or you are borrowing more than your affordability.

The minimum limit of our Christmas loan is $1,000 that can go up to $5,000 depending on:


It is sad if you have lost your job before Christmas. Nobody enjoys the festival when a cloud of despair hovers over the head, but you do not need to be dejected.

Direct lenders like us offer Christmas loans to the unemployed people too. To avail the loan,

People, who are unemployed and living on benefits, do not need to have the bank account. You don’t have to worry about the repayments too as our representative will do the favour by collecting funds at your doorstep.


Many other direct lenders provide Christmas loans like us, but we focus on putting a smile on your face. Here is how we are different from other direct lenders.

  THE FastenLoans Other Lenders
Loan amount The borrowing limit falls between $1,000 and $5,000. Other lenders do not lend more than $2,000.
Processing fees We do not charge upfront or processing fees. The others may charge hidden fees.
Credit check We run a soft credit check that does not pull your credit score. Other lenders make hard inquiries that damage your credit rating.
Borrowers Anyone can apply for the loan including students, the unemployed and the disabled. The others provide these loans to people with full-time job.

If you have some plans for this Christmas and do not have enough funds, do not over think. Just apply for the loan today and get funding on easy repayments to follow New Year.

What are the benefits of Christmas Loans?

Christmas is usually an expensive occasion considering all the expenses associated with it. Also, it makes many people stressed about the situation. Christmas brings us a good time to spend with the family and loved ones.

But if you are going through a financial crisis, it holds you back. Hence, you need some financial aid to find a solution for your money troubles.

If you are borrowing loans for Christmas from direct lenders, these loans have certain advantages. You can benefit yourself if you apply and get the Christmas loans approval.


Do you offer Christmas loans for people on benefits?

Many people may be dealing with different circumstances. Hence we offer loans that vary from individual to individual.

What if I have poor credit?

Along with the bank rate, Christmas loans are still possible. It totally depends upon your personal situation. You can get in touch with us and fill up an application form. We will be unbiased in our approach.

How much is the cost of the loan?

The amount approved for your Christmas loan depends upon the type of loan you are borrowing. If you are borrowing a short-term loan, then maybe higher rates than a battle it loan. The risk in every loan is different. Hence, the rates are according to the risk factors involved.

Am I guaranteed a Christmas Loan?

While applying for a loan, you are entitled to various checks. No loan can be guaranteed without any check. Hence, the final decision depends upon the credit checks that you are going through. The loans are easy to borrow but depend upon your background.