What Is An Emergency Loan?

An emergency loan is an immediate response to your urgent financial needs with the availability of a small yet required amount necessary to feed an unexpected need for money. It is of short-term nature with a set maximum limit of loan amount and tenure. The product is designed to serve the urgent necessities of money primarily.

We at FastenLoans facilitate emergency loans through borrower-friendly deals picked specifically for the individual needs. The renowned loan providers offer the loan options that we have. If you need an emergency loan on the same day, we can arrange the best possible choices for you. Get the lucrative alternatives of lowest rates, and flexible repayment plans. The minimum and maximum borrowing limit is $1000(min.) - $35000(max.) There is no fee included in the process, as we aim to offer you a hassle-free platform with no distractions. We take our share from the lenders; you do not need to take any kind of stress on that part.

Emergency Loans For

eligibility criteria

Are you eligible for an emergency loan?

The eligibility criterion for an emergency loan demands attention to some of your basic details that ensure us your financial capacity to apply for a loan.

  • Current income status and satisfactory debt to income ratio. FastenLoans conveniently accepts 50:50 ratio

  • Credit score performance is significant; however, we also accept bad credit score applicants with good repay capacity.

The amount is not big and we believe nothing more than the above conditions are required to arrange urgent loans for you.

how to get an emergency loan

How to Get an Emergency Loan

The process of obtaining funds is not complicated because we arrange ease for you at every step. Below is the answer to your question of ‘how can I get an emergency loan’ through small and precise steps.

  • Apply online on our website

  • Receive approval decision immediately (9 out 10 applications get approved)

  • Once approved, funds will reach to the bank account you register with us

The aim to keep this short procedure is actually to provide you an emergency help through a loan, and a quick application process is the first step in that.

More information on emergency loans

Some other facts reveal more information about emergency loans. Financial decisions, whether small or big, should be informed and enlightened with the right bunch of facts.

Emergency loan example

You can learn better with a rational example. Here we have a sample of how the loan deal works with amount and tenure.

IF -----

  • Your loan amount is - $ 4,000

  • Loan term – 18 months

  • Interest rate – 1.5% per month

  • Estimated monthly repayment - $225

The calculation is a 'near to perfect' reflection of how we work on your requirement. The result is always under the effect of the loan deal and lending policies. Most of the applicants ask us that do banks give emergency loans with the same interest rate policy. In that case, we have just one answer: your financial conditions and market trends also vary a lot. The outcome is prone to these factors. Whether it is a private lender or a mainstream bank, all depend on the lending industry's current economic mood. The prime role of FastenLoans is to suggest more straightforward ways to get a loan.

At FastenLoan, we have designed quick emergency loans to help people meet their short-term financial needs when they most need them. The application process is fully transparent about every aspect of the loans.

You do not need to choose one thing between making the right decisions and borrowing the money. You will receive help at any cost and despite any circumstance.

Emergency loans are similar to any type of small personal loans instead of long-term personal loans. Other short term loans may include instant cash loans or payday loans. These loans can be customized as per your requirement and cater to your situation appropriately.

You can check online with all the information on emergency loans, including emergency loans with no credit check on our webpage. There is no hassle, and the process is extremely simple to cater to your current needs.

Typically, emergency loans are used in case of an emergency. For example, if you have a sudden medical requirement or have to pay off a house rent loan, you can borrow these loans.

These loans are sometimes known as emergency payday loans for bad credit. You are also eligible for these loans with us in case of bad credit.

If there is no emergency and you want to use this amount, it is not advisable to go this way. Before applying for the loan, analyze your financial conditions. The process with us is extremely simple and transparent.

We ensure to approve your loan instantly. If you need a fast loan, you just have to fill in the application form and provide the relevant details. Irrespective of whether you are employed or unemployed, you do not need to wait once your details are verified.

The loan amount will be immediately disbursed. This will take not more than 5 minutes if required. Thus, now borrowing an emergency loan has become easy and simple.

why choose us

Why Choose Fastenloans for Emergency Loans?

We want your decision in our favor to be backed-up with rational factors and our reasons to get into your notice are -

  • Approval, disbursement the same day - We understand your anxiety hidden behind the urgency of funds. We focus our efforts to process your application immediately and disburse the funds on the same day. If the approval decision comes in a few minutes, money reaches to your account in a few hours.

  • Uncomplicated application procedure - One-page application form that completes in a few minutes should not be a headache to you. No attachments of documents or files, whatever you fill in the form are sufficient for us. This is how we have designed our procedure.

  • A Credit check is not a compulsion but your choice - We usually approve the funds immediately based on your repayment capacity without any credit check. If you want to see the possibilities of a more substantial amount, then we need to go for a credit check. That is not intimidating. We check your financial records on if you say ‘yes.’


What is the process to apply emergency loan?

You can apply for emergency loan either from our website or through your smartphone. Only a single page application form is needed to fill with personal details and submit it. We instantly work on to your application and start finalising a list of lenders according to your priorities. We will soon connect you with the right lender.

Can Emergency loan impact my credit score?

Emergency loan can have an impact to your credit score. If you repay on time, then it will bring your credit score back on track. Otherwise, you can lose your credit score in case of missing or no repayment.

What are the Types of emergency loan?

There are many types of emergency loans, such as:-

  • Salary day loans
  • Cash advances
  • Instant loans
  • Fast loans
  • No credit check loans
  • Quick loans

How to get an emergency loan with bad credit?

Getting an emergency loan with bad credit is not difficult at all. You can take our help and guidance in finding out the right loan deal. The loan offers that we suggest have the features like no credit check, no guarantor and approval on income.

Do I need a guarantor to get Emergency loan?

You do not need any guarantor to seek the approval on emergency loan. These are very small loans and thus you can manage the repayments from your monthly income.