What is FastenLoans?

FastenLoans is the anchor that brings the required funds to you at the right moment. We narrow the borrowing choices to help you detect the practically useful loan deals. We serve with the multiplicity of the most relatable loan choices for urgent, last-minute needs. We get deep into your finances to find the maximum possibilities of attaining the maximum limit of funds.

Our expert team of loan executives is professional assistance to facilitate rational decisions that are free from the diversions of ignorance and myths. 2500 people get a loan every day through us. With a 100% no-obligation quote, we make sure that your access to funds is smooth.

what we do

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The interest rate per month is 1.5% and 18.5% per annum. The final offer is impressionable as individual circumstances affect.

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Representative APR 19.96%

Comfort we provide

Customer service best in industry Quick and Simple affordability check Confidential and secured information
We never let problems get along with you during the loan journey. Our relationship managers and 24x7 available customer services make everything easy. We never make the borrowing process bulky with sundry gatekeepers. Simple and few formalities are sufficient to prove your affordability. Current income, credit score, debt-to-income ratio are the only three elements of our affordability check. We value your precious information and realize the importance of its privacy. Don’t worry, none of your details go to any third party. Whatever information you send to us remains with us only, and it is a promise to you.

How we ensure your financial well-being?

We have secured the presence of some parameters that help us deliver you an uncompromised borrowing experience. We have our complete attention on every detail that makes our financial assistance better.

  • Products and services offered to you are designed to support the specific needs of the customers precisely. For every purpose, we have a loan.
  • Borrowers can remain confident about the authenticity of the offered financial solutions and lenders.
  • We give free financial advice and make the selection of deal easy by revealing rational aspects of the total cost, monthly repayments, etc.
  • Every service provided to the borrowers is of accepted standards and always backed-up by the strict rules of transparency.
  • We take care of the post-sale experience and immediately respond to the complaints (if any).

What our Borrowers say

As a single parent, I always have a struggle with the finances. However, whenever I need instant money, FastenLoans always helps me with the required cash. The simple, speedy process and the capacity to find the right deal according to my needs make it my favorite.

- Olivia Smith

I am impressed by the way FastenLoans works round-the-clock. Last week I borrowed $1500 at 2:00 a.m. Its efficiency in finding the most relatable options is incredible. On my recommendation, many of my friends have started using the services of the broker for their frequent small financial needs.

- Leo Davies

You guys are perfect in every sense. From customer service to borrowing procedures, everything is tackled most proficiently. I never go out of funds at the time of need because FastenLoans is always there to help me.

- Leo Davies

When it comes to short-term loans, my prime concern is to find the lowest possible interest rates as small financial needs are frequent. Now and then, I need to borrow funds. FastenLoans is always a winner when it comes to finding the cheapest deals.

- Charlie Taylor