Why a Consolidation Personal Loan Can Be the SINGLE solution to MULTIPLE PROBLEMS?

  • You are fighting credit card debts.
  • You have medical bills to pay NOW!
  • Your landlord wants your rent tomorrow.
  • You are probably not able to pay utility bills.
  • What? There are multiple debt collectors at your door!
  • Or you are worried about payments knocking at your door because you lost your job.

Are you facing all of these problems at once? Or are you going through a similar phase for SOME OF THESE ISSUES? Do you have MANY OTHER DEBTS to pay off instantly?

And you’re worried?

You need a personal debt consolidation loan.

Our lenders at FastenLoans will get the loan to you. We’d do it in a way so that you can manage all these debts right away and get to reduce your financial burdens.

Want to know more about a debt consolidation loan?

Read below:

It is a personal or an unsecured loan that consolidates multiple debts. It means that it takes into account multiple debts you are experiencing and solves the problem with ONE PERSONAL LOAN WITH A FIXED INTEREST RATE AND ONE INSTALMENT to pay all your debtors. As it is an unsecured loan, you can stop worrying about collateral.

You don’t have to suffer variable interest rates, and the complex clutters of multiple repayments…We are here to help you find out the best debt consolidation loan.

Why a Debt Consolidation Personal Loan is the Right Antidote to Financial Burdens?

A financial burden can occur due to a variety of reasons. One of these reasons can be as stressful and uncomfortable as more than one debt.

And we know its pangs!

  • You cannot secure your financial management for multiple debts.

  • You cannot maintain financial management due to them.

  • You don’t get the opportunity to save money because they take away whatever you want to save.

With more than one debt at the back of your head, you might also get confused about how many loans to take or how you can repay your debt while continuing to pay your bills and living costs.

But, the savior arrives in the form of a debt consolidation personal loan, which our direct lenders again enrich.

Below is an example of what a debt consolidation personal loan can do for you.

Suppose you have got a medical loan and business debt.

Go through the table below and watch how a debt consolidation loan can help you out.

  Medical Loan Rates Business Debt Rates Expenses from both these debts Debt Consolidation Loan Rates
Amount $3000 $5000 $ (3000 + 5000) = $8000 $8000
Interest Rate 12% 10.84% (12 + 10.84)% = 22.84% $9.08%
Duration 4 years 5 years 5 years (time would remain the same) 5 years
Monthly payments $79 $108 $(79 + 108) = $187 $166.38
Interest Paid $792 $1498 $ (792 + 1498) = $2290 $1982.80

That not only means an organized repayment, but it saves you money as well.

What You Might Do with aDebt Consolidation Loan

You can be able to manage multiple financial responsibilities with a debt consolidation loan. To know them in particular, read the list below:

This time, we are going to pay your debts.

How Can I Know Standard Debt Consolidation Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria?

The answer is easy. You can read more information on this given below and start a conversation with us anytime.

To find out the debt consolidation personal loan eligibility criteria, you need to look at your earnings first.

Did you have a sneak peek into it already?


Now, we’re going to help you out.

  • You’re Eligible for this Loan with a Stable Income Status

    Our lenders will you a debt consolidation personal loan once we find you are financially capable of affording the loan. We have to check your present financial capacity, stability, and how your employer pays you. Our lenders also calculate the income-outgoing ratio to get the cheapest loan offers.

  • You’re Eligible for This Loan in a Bad Credit Score

    We don’t reject you for a bad credit score. We don’t ignore you for it, and we don’t make any obligatory response to it. It is possible for you to suffer from a poor credit score, and that’s okay. As long as you show us proof of your stable income and your regularity in paying bills, we won’t bother you with your credit score. Again, your income-outgoing ratio must have the capacity to repay the loan. If you can tick these boxes, you’ll get a loan from our licensed lenders soon.

  • You’re Eligible for the Loan Even if You’re Unemployed

    Unemployment? Or did you lose your job? There are more jobs out there. It is exactly why FastenLoans won’t deny you a debt consolidation loan, as the loan aids you in paying off bills and returning money to debtors. You’ll be more relaxed. You’ll get a new job as the loan ‘buys you some time for it. Just provide us income details of your next job as soon as possible.

What Are You Waiting for If You’re Already Eligible? Scroll down some more to find what you can borrow.

How Much Amount Is a Borrower Allowed for anUnsecured Debt Consolidation Loan?

An unsecured or personal debt consolidation loan from the house of FastenLoans can be borrowed in variable amounts and rates.


The answer to that is WE DO THE JOB FOR YOU. We use a whole-of-market approach to get the best lenders with the best deals. We can also provide you with alternative loan options tailored to your needs. We compare options as well to make you meet the most favorable lending service for you.

How much can you borrow?

You can ask a question yourself at first because it will assist you in determining your particular needs to assess the borrowing limits your affordability allows you.

If you still want a quote on our unsecured debt consolidation loans, you can know that we offer a minimum of $1000 loan and a maximum of $25,000 loan.

Now keep those dollar bills away by applying for a debt consolidation loan in the following ways.

How to Instantly Apply for a Poor Credit Debt Consolidation Personal Loan with FastenLoans?

Whether or not your credit score is up, you can be sure that a debt consolidation loan is going to be on your way with a simple online application process.

The application form we have made for the borrowers is:

  • Free from paperwork hassles
  • Brief
  • Fast
  • And convenient

Here’s what you need to do to apply for a debt consolidation personal loan for bad credit from a direct lender:

You Apply Lenders Approve You Get Your Loan Disbursed
Click https://www.fastenloans.com/apply-now.php to visit our super-simple application form. Enter your:
  • Name
  • DOB
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail ID
  • Postcode

Your part is done!

Lenders will check your details and approve your loan within a few minutes.

You will receive an approval notification from them by this time.

The lenders are going to be blazing fast.

You will get the money sent to your bank account on the same day.

The lenders we work with will not be late to notify you of the update.

Do you have any doubt about these loans? We’ll solve them below:

Will FastenLoans Allow Me a No Credit Check or Low Credit Debt Consolidation Personal Loan?

Why not?

As mentioned earlier, you can get a poor or low credit debt consolidation personal loan if you provide with us these factors in the following table:

1. Provide your present job details and ensure its stability 2. Any additional source of earning might help you progressively to get a loan of this kind.
3. Do you have a passive income like earning by renting your property? Do let us know, and we can give you a better deal. 4. The income should be more than the expenses in the income-expense ratio.

You might also get a debt consolidation loan with no credit check from us if:

You are a first-time borrower. You have a moderate to good credit score. Your financial behavior is promising even with a bad credit score.

Taking out a debt consolidation loan for relieving your poor credit is as important as evaluating your credit card. With this loan, you fix your credit score and manage multiple of your debts at once.

This is surely a special loan.

Need Other Kinds of Loans? You can! Just Scroll Down.

What Are Other Options Available from a Debt Consolidation Loan for Bad Credit?

Do you think a debt consolidation personal loan with bad credit is not the one for you? Maybe you’re right. After all, you know your problems better than we do.

We know it. That’s why these loans are here for you.

Emergency Loans: Our lenders offer you small personal loans with the quickest approval and disbursal time to help you fund emergencies such as medical expenses, urgent utility bill payments, immediate tax payments, etc.

Our lenders made their services diversified with:

  • Emergency loans for bad credit
  • Emergency loans with no credit check
  • Emergency loans for the unemployed

Installment Loans: Fund any project at your ease with a short-term loan. This is the loan that lenders in the form of our installment loans. They are short, simple and very useful.

  • We have got a 5-star Customer Experience with these loans
  • We have our presence across the USA
  • We don’t charge any broking fee

Loans for the Unemployed: Are you not working and have bills to pay? Or did you lose your job, and you’ve got urgent payments? Take out a quick loan for the unemployed through us, and you’ll discover how easy money helps you fund expenses and search for a new job.

  • Loans you get from these direct lenders are going to be affordable as we compare deals for you
  • You can get an instant approval decision
  • You can be eligible for a loan for the unemployed with part-time income

Why the Team of FastenLoans Can Make a Difference in OfferingConsolidation Personal Loans?

We share a part of that answer here. You will discover the rest in exploring our services once we connect.

We are online credit brokers, which means we get you the best lenders with the most affordable deals.

And here is what we do for you in particular:

Get Affordable Deals Receive Money Online-only We Value Transparency over Anything
We practice the whole-of-market approach to HUNT for the right deal you need. Our lenders stick to online transactions because it is safe, easy, and fast to avoid complications. We are most transparent to borrowers with loan fees, interest rates, installments, etc., to depend upon lending practices comfortably.
No Hidden Fees We Customise Your Loans by Finding them Guaranteed Approval Policy
To suggest the loans in the most affordable ways, we charge no extra or hidden costs. So, stay relaxed! Our direct lenders evaluate your needs, and we search for an affordable deal for you. Isn’t it customizing your loans? At FastenLoans, no personal debt consolidation loan is denied. We offer an approval rate of 99%.

Read how we made our borrowers happy:

“I could not make sure about the loan I badly needed when I faced multiple debts for the second time. Just at this time, I came to know of FastenLoans and the problem was solved with one debt consolidation loan…still feels magical.”

James Bishop.

“We never faced debts until my sister, and I lost our jobs. We stayed in different cities and faced different issues, but she told me of FastenLoans. And we came together here only to find a set of solutions to problems that were affecting our days of unemployment.’

Tiffany Jones.

“They say that a debt consolidation loan can be lengthy and complicated. I’ll say you need the right lender or broker to guide you with each of your steps after you decide to take that loan out. FastenLoans did this for me, and yes, I’ll say that I’m grateful to them.”

Kevin Banks.


Should I lend from a broker or a direct lender?

It depends on your choice entirely. However, choosing a broker might give you an extension because brokers will get you the most affordable deals through the lenders.

Is a personal debt consolidation loan the right loan for me?

If you have more than one debt at the back of your head, you need a personal debt consolidation loan. However, the quality of your debts may also require a different type of loan, such as a poor credit loan or probably a bad credit debt consolidation personal loan.

What do I need to be eligible for a debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan is like most other personal loans. You need to show us your multiple debts, income statement, credit score, etc. We can assess the best loan option that meets your needs and helps you afford the loan.

Am I getting a no credit check loan for debt consolidation?

Yes, you are getting a no credit check loan for debt consolidation if you are a first-time borrower. However, this loan is also given when you have a stable income, and the income-expense ratio comes out as right to the lenders, where the income stays higher than the expenses.

Will I get a debt consolidation personal loan for the unemployed?

You can surely get a debt consolidation personal loan for the unemployed when you show your income proof as soon as possible (such as before your first installment). We understand your problems, and we will surely help you with a loan of this kind if you are unemployed or if you have lost your job for some reason.