75% of people want to read articles or blogs that are shorter than usual. This is a report from a survey made by Contently.

Now, there is a thing we must not miss considering.

Google is making a different standpoint about blogging. It prefers larger content.

So, what should businesses do then?

As a matter of fact, there are ways. What Google says is true, but the alternative method of microblogging is not necessarily a hostile idea to Google’s requirements. Yes, it challenges the fact of larger content, but it also might bring in new possibilities, not affecting the views of Google.

What is a Microblog? Well, it is a shorter version of a traditional blog. It can be of a shorter length of somewhat 200 words. It can be a blog with only two lines. Again, it can be images, PDF files, or videos that present the content in a really concise sense.

Feeling interested? Well, read on to know more about this.

Why Microblogging Is Your Brand’s Next Smart Move

Microblogging can be as smart a move as taking out a debt consolidation loan for bad credit, which solves multiple problems all at once.

But, we need to clarify something over here.

If Google wants larger content and people want to read content of a smaller size, then what you should do?

Think it from this point:

Blogging is a traditional marketing tool to promote a brand. But the reality is that this effective marketing tool is now deemed a traditional and, therefore, a very common strategy for marketing.

You know very well that people are not into common things these days.

In that light, microblogging can still work as it is offbeat and, at the same time, it gives your readers exactly what they need:  A shorter reading time!

So, without further ado, let us now get in touch with some qualified reasons to use microblogging for your brand from now on!

In this post, you will know the following points about the perks of microblogging:

  • You Can Create them Quicker and More Easily
  • Sometimes, They Can Be Better at Storytelling
  • You May Grab the Attention of Customers Anytime & Anywhere
  • Make Social Marketing Even More Useful
  • Some Businesses May Go for Internal Microblogging

Let us now learn about them in detail:

1 – You Can Create them Quicker and More Easily

Digital marketers have reported that microblogging helped them more to stay closer to the multiple marketing niches at the same time.

You can easily create content quickly for multiple niches and help gain the attention of the target audience at a comparatively faster rate than usual.

Thus, microblogging helps the companies be more consistent in marketing their products or services.

2 – Sometimes, They Can Be Better at Storytelling

his might seem odd.

But you can consider an example at first.

Sometimes, a moral or a motivational short story that is narrated in 3 minutes only gives you more relaxation and pleasure than reading a 500-page novel.

Not offending the writing or people who are interested in reading novels, we can say that storytelling might get more attractive and, therefore, effective when the gist of the tale is offered in a very short time span.

Microblogs differ from long posts as they are useless content. The length of the blogs becomes reader-friendly, which increases the visibility and engagement of the content in a better way.

But that is not the thing that makes storytelling more acceptable in a Microblog. It is that the shorter span in making the content helps the creator to infuse more creativity through simplicity. Marketers have seen a rise in content likeability more in microblogging than traditional blogging sometimes.

It is also a good option because microblogging gives you the space to tell your brand’s story on platforms like social media, where extensive content might not be relevant at all times.

3 – You May Grab the Attention of Customers Anytime & Anywhere

When you look for a camping trip, you take your Smartphone up. You look for a emergency loans online no credit check, you gain to take your Smartphone up a few minutes later.

Speaking of Smartphone usage, you should know that people check their phones every 12 minutes on an average.

If you do that with your phone, your audience will likely do the same.

You might get a chance to tell them more about your brand with short Microblogs using this frequency they have adapted in using their phones.

Besides, a Microblog is a type of content that people can check almost anywhere and in almost any situation. Whether it is on the bus or train or in the gym or a nearby café, checking a Microblog is always as easy as ABC.  

4 – Make Social Marketing Even More Useful

Blogs are preferred in different channels. Microblogs are preferred in those channels along with social media.

So, you see, you get an advantage.

Microblogs are content that earns more share and visibility on social media.

You can also create interesting Microblogs that increase the customers’ engagement in social media.

In any way, social media adds more to microblogging.

Use this advantage.

5 – Some Businesses May Go for Internal Microblogging

This is something entirely different. Although you may not have heard this if you are new to the business, you may have been using this if you have been operating for a really long time.

According to the Harvard Business Review; companies can enhance productivity by microblogging because it gives them the opportunity to gain ad exchange data in a more precise way.

Yes, it is not meant for customers, but it is a great way to maintain a good relationship between you and your employees. Besides, if the workforce gains more productivity by writing a Microblog or two, then it is worth it, right?

To Conclude: Microblogs Are Equal to Precise Data

We have just been discussing this in the previous point. Due to the nature of the limited expanse, it is true that Microblogs will give the audience the exact data they need.

Your creative approaches should be balanced with the information you want to put in a Microblog to do this. You can ensure what you want to do with a Microblog in a customer-centric way, which is fine. But, infusing the right level of information with an apt proportion of relevance in the content is probably the most important thing about creating a Microblog.

For example, if you create a Microblog on installment loans no credit check direct lenders only. You will have to maintain a steady flow of information regarding the loan’s definition, type, usage and benefits, along with the criteria a person is allowed when taking one out.

Information compressed into a shorter expanse is definitely a good idea. But t should not be information forced into it.

Maybe you think we are going back to the school days to discuss writing summaries and all. But microblogging is entirely different. You can write a Microblog quickly with the right touch of creativity, the required pinch of empathy, and a substantial base of information.

Following these rules, it will be very easy for you to make a Microblog and share It on social media and on other platforms to gain those marketing benefits you have been waiting for for a long time.

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