Debt management has always been a big concern for us. A person who uses the best tools to tackle the debts becomes a hero of life and a source of inspiration for friends and family. The finance market provides lseveral ways to help you manage financial commitments and debt snowball.

The blog describes the concept of managing debts through the snowball method and related aspects.

What is the debt snowball method?

The snowball method is a way to pay off your debts in the sequence of smallest to the most significant obligation. In simple words, you put all your efforts to firstly pay the smallest debt by paying extra any for other debt you keep paying the minimum amount. Once the smallest one is paid off, you move on to the second-smallest debt, and this is how the process moves on up to paying off the biggest one. It is just like making the snowball big while turning it round and round to add more snow.

Example of the debt snowball method

Suppose you have 5 different debts 

  • Payday loan of $ 400
  • Personal loan of $ 1000
  • Medical loan $ 2500
  • Car loan of $8000
  • Mortgage $200,000

Like above, you need to put your debts in sequence from smallest to the most significant debt in amount. Whatever debt you have, include it in the list, as the snowball method works on every try. From small education loans, unemployed loans, and credit cards to big business loans, the way encapsulates every debt.

  • You start by paying off the smallest one. In this example – it is a payday loan of $400.
  • To pay off a payday loan, you will repay extra with the monthly installment. If the repayment amount is $80, you need to take a considerable additional level of maybe $120.
  • The additional payment added to the repayments of the smallest debt will help to pay it off early.
  • Once you pay off the payday loan, you will move to the next one, which is a personal loan of $1000. 
  • The sequence of the paying off moves forward like this and finally reaches the most substantial debt i.e., the mortgage.

By the time you pay off a debt fully, you need to keep paying the minimum amount for the other debts to avoid issues such as arrears.

Debt snowball pay off calculator

To know how practical the snowball method is for you, using a calculator is the right decision. Any broker in the market can help you figure out things and guide the use of the calculator.

Here is a generic format of the snowball calculator, which may change according to the finance company you choose.

Pros and Cons of debt snowball method

Every financial product has its negative and positive effects, and the debt snowball method is an exception. Here are the pros and cons of providing unbiased insight into the utility of this debt management option.

Pros of debt snowball  Cons of debt snowball
You get rid of the debts gradually, which builds confidence and balance in financial life. It helps achieve financial goals.  You put all money in paying off the smallest and pay only a minimum for the other debts. It adds the interest rate, which increases their total cost.
Paying off small debts save you more money to pay off the other debts faster. Once a debt is paid off, there are no installments for it, and you can use it to handle the other ones.  Paying off debts such as credit cards negatively affects your credit score, as that closes your credit card accounts.
  It is a simple to understand method as you need to follow the sequence of the smallest to the most significant debt.  An increase in the total cost of the biggest debts negatively affects your creditworthiness for the new loans,  credit cards, etc.

Now, when you have all the necessary information about the debt snowball method, you can decide. A financial product is significant only if it matches your financial conditions and goals. If you think the snowball method is something you can consider, and then go for it. Otherwise, obtaining financial advice can also help a lot.

Description – Understand the concept of a debt snowball method and its role in your financial life. Know the fundamental aspects and decide if it has some significance.

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