If I were to divide the modern world, I would divide it into pre-COVID and post-COVID eras. Life has changed a lot since COVID shut down the world. Now corporate companies do not ask employees to report to the office.

Every aspect of work has moved to online mode. People can work, arrange a meeting, a small get-together, and even get installment loans online for bad credit. The silver lining is making an impact.

An employee can work from anywhere. In addition, this gives a lot of freedom to both employer and employee. Now an employee does not have to live in a tiny apartment near the workplace.

Name any big city; they are heavily populated and so costly. In Pre-COVID times, it was necessary to live in a city area to earn and survive. COVID showed us how work could be done from home while maintaining productivity.

People can shift to cheaper places, and given the circumstances, we have put together a list of the top 10 cheapest cities in the USA. Read along.

Top 10 Cheapest City in the USA

  1. Kalamazoo, Michigan

“As of the census of 2010, there were 74,262 people, 29,141 households, and 13,453 families residing in the city”.

Kalamazoo is one of the most affordable cities in America. It is good news for many who live in very expensive places.

Job Prospects: Western Michigan University is a major economic centre in the area. It has various campuses and research centres. In addition, pharmaceutical business such as Pfizer has a large presence in Kalamazoo. Another important industry is medical equipment manufacturer Stryker (SYK).

Attractions: The Kalamazoo Nature Centre offers free recreational activities regularly. There are swimming beaches and parks. In case of requirement, Chicago is only three hour drive away.

The Downside:  In the city of Kalamazoo, roughly 28% of residents live in poverty. In addition, Michigan is known to be the least tax-friendly state.

  • El Paso, Texas

You can say El Paso is among the inexpensive city in the Lone Star state.

“The 2019 U.S. Census Bureau estimates determined El Paso had a population of 681,728, an increase of 5.2% since the 2010 census”. The major advantage here is pleasant weather with sunny days.

Job Prospects: El Paso’s diverse economy presents multiple employment opportunities. It focuses on foreign trade, government civil service, health care, tourism, and other service industries. Military, oil, and gas are also part of job opportunities. AT&T, Raytheon, Verizon, and Wells Fargo are top employers.

Places to visit: El Paso is adjacent to the gorgeous Franklin Mountains State Park. There is a historic Hueco Tanks State Park.

The Downside: you will witness the poverty in most parts of the city. People often rely on loans. However, emergency cash immediately bad credit direct lender. These loans can be handy in tough situations.

  • McAllen, Texas

McAllen has many pros and cons, along with the cheapest and most inexpensive cities to reside in the United States. Housing costs, healthcare, and groceries are less than the national average.

Job Prospects:  The focal point of economic activity is international trade, health care, retail, and tourism. You don’t have to pay income tax.  Moreover, if you are a retiree, there are certain tax reliefs.

Places to Visit: McAllen is known for bird watching. “Quinta Mazatlan” is a luxury birdhouse with over 15 acres of birding habitat. The International Museum of Art & Science is another attraction of the city.

The Downside: The poverty rate is 28.4 percent.  The unemployment rate is stubbornly high. Taxes are ridiculously high.

  • Jackson, Mississippi

Metro Jackson in Mississippi is a surprisingly diverse city. Transportation charges and healthcare costs are also extremely low.

Job Prospects: The state capital is an excellent place to shift because of its affordability. The place is known for medical facilities and job prospects as nurses and other such jobs. It is relatively tax-friendly for retirees.

Attractions: it is the attraction for Civil War buffs, blues music fanatics, and ballet enthusiasts. Dancers from all over the globe travel to Jackson every four years for the two-week USA International Ballet Competition.

Downside: It has a warm, humid climate with short winters. It is highly populated. Taxes for the middle class is borderline complicated.

  • Anniston, Alabama

The Anniston is about an hour’s drive from Birmingham. It offers low-cost living. Hence, it has made a place in the top 10 cheapest cities to live in the USA.

Job Prospects: there is plenty of employment. Two primary job providers are the Anniston Army Depot and Alabama Regional Medical Centre.

Attraction: the city is the major attraction for hikers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge. The city has the world’s largest office chair, peculiar yes! One of a kind, Anniston is known for Victorian mansions and old churches.

Downside:  Low median income. Utilities are relatively expensive.

  • Joplin, Missouri

Joplin was once known for bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, but today it is known to be one of the cheapest cities in the US. Housing, groceries, healthcare, and transportation are all reasonably priced.

Job Prospects: Job prospects are rather good here. There are plenty of employers such as:-

  • Schaeffler Group (SFFLY)
  • General Mills (GIS)
  • Trucking company Contract Freighters

Attraction: Apart from Bonnie and Clyde for history buffs, there are Cunningham Park and Wilder’s Steakhouse. Grand Falls and Wildcat Glades are other attractions of the city. The famous root 66 is known for having the best road trip to have the time of life.

Downside: Joplin is known for fatal storms and tornadoes. Tornadoes can bring devastation. The income rate is rather lower.

  • Jackson, Tennessee

In Jackson, Tennessee, the entire cost of living is 16.3 percent cheaper than the national average, with healthcare and housing costs being notably low. Housing, insurance, and healthcare are notably cheap.

Job Prospective: Jackson is known as the regional trade center for West Tennessee. It has diverse employment options. Top employers include Stanley Black & Decker (SWK), Masco’s (MAS) Delta Faucet Company,  and Kellogg (K). These are huge employers.

Attraction: There are plenty of places for recreational purposes in the city. The primary attraction is the Ned R. McWherter West Tennessee Cultural Arts Center. Other attraction includes

  • The West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex
  • International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame Museum

Downside: the city hasa high rate of poverty. You will also notice a lack of county or city transportation. There is little to no nightlife.

  • Florence, Alabama

Aside from a low cost of living, Florence, Alabama, is known for its musical history. Birmingham is about a two-hour car ride away. Locals know the surrounding area as The Shoals. Life and its southern charm in the city come at a reasonable cost.

Attraction: Florence is known for music and art. This is the place where The Rolling Stones produced their smash songs and where the Helen Keller was born. It has many attractions and a long musical history. An annual summer celebration honors Florence native W.C. Handy’s heritage as the “Father of the Blues.

Downside: Florence has greater crime rates than other Suburban regions, both nationally and state-wide.

  • Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles, Louisiana, has everything. Housing, utilities, and living costs are cheaper than the national average.

Job Prospects: It has diverse job prospects. It has oil refineries. It also has liquefied natural gas terminals as well as petrochemical plants.

Attraction: It has many attractions, from Cajun cookery to classical concerts. To petrochemical jobs, all at cheap pricing, it has numerous lakes and rivers, perfect for outdoor leisure activities. It has casino gaming, a symphony orchestra, and places for tourism. You can visit museums and golf courses or enjoy games by professional sports teams.

Downside: it has a high poverty rate and crime rate.

  1. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is known for oil derricks and cowboys, but it is also a cheap city to live in. “Chandler Bing” on the popular sitcom “friends” called it “Paris of Oklahoma” for a reason.  Tulsa is a cheap option for renters.

Job prospects: The energy industry remains a significant employer that adds to Tulsa’s economy. The city has many other employment opportunities as well. Banking, aviation, telecommunications, and other industries are active here.

Attraction: The city has great architecture. The Philbrook Museum is referred to as “Oklahoma’s Most Beautiful Place.”

Downside: Tulsa has higher tax rates. It comes with a relatively cheap living. People often seek loans. guaranteed loan approval no credit check direct lender. However, this is a temporary solution.


Major cities in the USA are expensive. Due to the option of working from home, people can move to a cheaper alternative. The listed cities are very cheap.

Some have cheaper living costs, some have cheaper housing, and some come with cheap utilities. However, each has its own downside. You must consider everything before planning to move. Some cities have poverty while others have high tax rates. Some are known for natural disasters, and some for crime. Choose wisely.

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