Money Mistakes

A Few Money Mistakes Most Kids Can Make

Kids are kids and making mistakes…you know it! Even adults make them. But, we adults are there for rectifying those mistakes and not repeat them. If that sounds like a life lesson, then you need to know that somewhere these little to huge mistakes in the financial realm make us suffer a lot. And if […]

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How to Maintain Credit Utilization Ratio and Borrow Money Without Denial?

For securing funds, keeping the bare minimum limit on your credit card usage is crucial. And therefore, it is advisable to keep the credit Utilization Ratio within 30%. And if you are finding it hard to do so, you can target keeping the credit utilization ratio below 20%. In this way, you can surely maintain […]

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Select the right financial advisor

How can you avoid the mistakes and select the right financial advisor?

It is more of a necessity for many of us than a choice to hire a financial advisor. You can take benefit of their expertise. But if you have the proper knowledge to manage your finances, you are saved from the hassle of hiring a financial advisor. Get your finances managed quickly. Your finances include […]

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financial freedom

How can you achieve true financial freedom in your life?

There is a very thin line between financial freedom and financial independence. Many people interchange financial freedom with financial independence. Actually, financial freedom refers to your flexibility as to when and how do you want to work? It also brings in the confidence that you can pave a smooth the way for your life without […]

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