Loans are the concept introduced to help people in need of money. Although there are specific terms and conditions attached to loans, but they are a saviour for many.

Credit score, payback capacity, and loan amount are a few factors considered by the lenders before offering the loan.

Having a bad credit score turns out to be a negative factor and can hamper the loan process. But there are few loans that you can borrow even with a low credit score.

Having a bad credit score cannot stop you from borrowing finance. In fact, these loans help people to build their credit scores.

Get to know your loan better

For any loan, you have to be regular with your repayments to be eligible for further credit. Different interest rates apply to different types of loans, but these bad credit loans usually have a higher interest rate.

Apart from its rate of interest, there are a few benefits too. If you need emergency cash immediately bad credit direct lender.

Below are mentioned some advantages and disadvantages of bad credit loans in detail to make you aware of these loans.


  • Quick loans

Bad credit loans are often termed quick loans as they are easily and quickly available. You can get these loans instantly.

The mode of such bad credit loans is online, and the money is credited to the account as soon as 15 minutes post the approval.

  • Used for any purpose

Apart from gambling or any illegal activity, bad credit loans can be used for any miscellaneous process.

People borrow bad credit loans for various reasons such as debt consolidation, buying a new car, home improvements etc. You

  • Improve your credit history

You can improve your bad credit score by building up a good credit score. It is a slow process but is helpful in repairing your bad credit score.

If you repay your loan on time, you can improve your credit score as you will be viewed as a responsible borrower paying your instalments on time.

  • Increased chances of acceptance

Although people with low or bad credit score have less chances of loan approval but there are few lenders who specialize in bad credit loans and offer finance irrespective of the low credit score.

You may not get a mainstream loan, but there are high chances of your bad credit loan application being accepted.

  • Easy to access

One of the significant advantages of these loans is that it is easy for the borrowers to access. These loans are much more convenient than other loan products available in the market. Unlike traditional loans, you can apply for these loans in just a few minutes.

Despite your bank credit, you can get quick access. Also, you get the money on the same day. Many borrowers are looking for this aspect of loans. Once you avail of these loans, you can cover any of the abovementioned expenses.


  • Higher interest rates

In case of poor credit, lenders charge high-interest rates. The non-payment of your instalments has led to your bad credit score. The lenders pose a risk for themselves by offering a loan to you.

Hence, they charge a higher interest rate, increasing the borrowing cost. Before entering into a loan agreement, it is advisable always to check your repayment capacity.

Assess your paying capacity and accordingly manage your instalment timeline.

  • Fixed repayment terms

The monthly repayment amount remains the same, unlike the credit card monthly payments. The lenders offer you the loan with a fixed interest rate and monthly instalment, which cannot be changed in the middle of the loan duration.

If you miss the payments, it may further affect your credibility and instead of improving your credit score will lead to further reducing your credit score. A missed payment may push you into a financial problem.

  • Debt replacement

You may be offered a bad credit loan, but at the end of the day, it remains a loan that you have to pay back with its interest rate. If you borrow a loan to pay back your other debts, you still have an outstanding balance to pay.

In case of never-ending debt, you can always seek debt advice from a professional, or you can contact a charity. A piece of debt advice may help you to manage your debts and finances in a better way.

  • Come With Fees and Penalties

These loans come with different fees and penalties along with higher interest rates. Firstly, bad credit is already involved in these kinds of loans.

 If the borrower defaults on these loans, they have to go through different costs and fees to cover them. Also, for late payments, they encounter late payment fees. Sometimes the borrower does not want to default but has insufficient funds for payment.

This also attracts fees from the institutions and the Lenders both. Some competitive lenders do not charge fees for it. Hence, whenever you opt for such loans, you should always check the penalties and fees involved.

If you do not do so, it can increase your cost of borrowing over your loan tenure. Be careful of what you are borrowing, especially when you are going for emergency cash loans for the unemployed. It can impact your finances in a great manner.

  • Require Collateral

Some lenders may ask for collateral when it comes to bad credit. They do not want any kind of risk for themselves.

Hence, they always offer loans in return for collateral. Having a bank credit can actually put you in a dilemma. If you are not able to make the payments on time, the lender can keep your assets forever.

Alternatives to such loans

  • Credit builder card

You can improve your credit score by getting a credit card for bad credit. You can rebuild your credit history by maintaining your payment cycle.

If you are interested in borrowing small amounts, credit cards can help you fulfil your purpose. Like bad credit loans, credit cards also include high-interest rates due to the risk associated with the lending.

Due to poor credit history, there are chances that you will be accepted for a credit card as you fall within the criteria.

  • Secured loan

Contrary to bad credit loans, you can go for secured loans if you want a larger amount to borrow. These loans require collateral in return.

Giving collateral reassures the lenders, and they offer you the loans at a lesser interest rate. Despite your bad credit history, your collateral makes you borrow the amount at a lower interest rate.

With all the benefits of a secured loan, there is a risk of getting your collateral repossessed in case you are unable to make the repayments.

Another form of secured loan is the rent loan for the unemployed. If you do not have money to pay for your rent and you need money, you can put up collateral and get money from the lenders.

  • Guarantor loan

A guarantor loan is also available to people with low credit. The only condition is to get a guarantor who can sign with you on the loan agreement.

The guarantor will be responsible in case you default on repayments. In this case, the guarantor will be responsible for paying on your behalf.

Although approval criteria vary from lender to lender, the basic criterion is cross-checking the guarantor’s credit score before approving your loan.

Once the guarantor signs the agreement with you, you both are liable for making the payment.


For every borrower, there are different situations and circumstances. Looking at the points mentioned earlier, you have to decide as per your situation.

You can apply for bad credit loans or an alternative if you have bad credit. But whatever loan you apply for, make sure to repay it on time.

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