Undoubtedly, the unemployment phase brings in a lot of stress and challenges. It is prevailing setback in the current scenario. But, it does not matter if you are a beginner with the least skills or an experienced person with different expertise.

The reported unemployment rate in the US can raise your eyebrows.  After job loss, you now belong to the unemployed category of people . However, don’t just blame the situation and give up.

You must strive hard to search for a new job. But meanwhile, you have to make sure to address your usual necessities by taking advantage of the benefits.

If social security received from the government falls short of fulfilling your necessities, emergency loans bad credit unemployed can become your support. Moreover, your bad credit status will not hamper your chances of getting loan assistance despite being an unemployed person.

But you must be smart enough to reap benefits of these loans. Besides, you need to be cautious about where you will utilize the loan money. It is imperative that you must confirm you can pay for the repayment within the stipulated duration.

These vital steps can make your borrowing journey stress-free. To know more about how getting these loans can affect your life and financial problems, you must go through this blog immediately.

Is it going to be tough to get emergency loans with no job?

You may step into a complicated financial situation by losing your job. Tackling basic necessities becomes a challenge with no money in hand. You have to resort to borrowing money.

But you have a drawback. Therefore, normal loans are out of your reach. What is next, then?

Don’t be upset! Direct lenders have made a loan provision for you. At drop of a hat, you can procure loans if you confirm a few things like:

Any income proof

Traditional lenders will straightaway reject your application if you don’t fit the criteria. But with these loans, unemployed borrowers like you can have some relaxation. Direct lenders like Fastenloans are willing to accept any form of income like:

  • Income from benefits
  • Part time income
  • Rental income
  • Spouse income
  • Pension
  • Income from child support
  • Disability benefits etc

Assurance for repayment is vital, without which getting a loan is next to impossible. However, the good news is that the above income sources also account for loan payments.

Debt to income ratio

Debt to income ratio signifies the amount of debt you pay for compared to the amount of money you earn. If the ratio remains at 50:50, your odds of getting loans just increase.

Ideally, your financial situation is regarded as less risky if the debt remains on the lower side. In such cases, it does not matter if you lack a stable and steady stream of income.

In short, a successful way of enhancing the chances of getting emergency cash loans while being unemployed is by lowering the debt piles, if not by increasing income. The reason why you should do this is because then you can expect no hard credit check.

Favorable credit scores

Having a good credit score is inevitable when you think of approaching a lender for a loan. Higher scores can definitely stabilize your position as a borrower. However, with direct lenders, you can start with soft credit checks.

It primarily focuses on your current ability to afford payments. Therefore, if your ongoing financial performance is good, you are already ahead.

How to make sure that emergency loans and you are a good match?

It is a crucial step that you must not miss while making a borrowing decision. Don’t borrow simply because you have needs! Make sure if you can pay for it or not.

You must know that defaults are not going to be good for your financial profile. Here are some points that confirm whether you should borrow these loans or not. These are:


So, you must first pay attention to the purpose of getting these loans. If it is an urgent need that you cannot avoid, emergency loans are a practical option. These loans are a perfect solution to financial problems that are beyond the coverage of benefits.

You can utilize these loans to make payments of:

  • Medical bills
  • School or college fees of wards
  • Sudden household repairs
  • Rent
  • Utility bills etc

There is no strict restriction on the spending of loans. Be careful to stick to the purpose. Although you have the liberty to use loan money as per wish, spending it on random things is not advisable.

Moreover, frequent borrowing is not a good thing to follow. You cannot prevent interest and other fees that will accompany loans. Stop yourself from fetching loans based on the accessibility.

Interest rates

We are aware of the ordeal of a jobless person. Thus, we offer an arrangement through which you can get emergency loans at a competitive price. But you may feel insecure about applying for these loans due to realistic pricing.

In that case, you can make sure by weighing all your alternatives carefully. Start by calculating the price in the online tool completely free of cost. Keep altering the loan amount and repayment term till you find the perfect interest rate that is affordable for you.

It is not a time-consuming procedure. But by doing this step, you can prevent yourself from spending extra on interest rates.

Online application

You will be amazed to know that emergency loans for bad credit online borrowers also. This is a life-saving opportunity for you. Besides, you can get these loans online with a few clicks on the mouse.

You will have a hassle-free experience while applying for these loans. Ensure you complete the below steps meant for application.

Visit the online page

Instead of visiting the bank branch, you should visit the online application page. There you can easily find the online form to apply for loans.  You are free to fill up the application form at any time and from any place.

Fill up the online form

Basic details like name, age, bank account, etc., get enquired in the online form. Keep all the essential documents ready to enter the correct figure. Apart from this, these documents are usually not demanded while you are filling up the loan application.

Check for mistakes

Mistakes will not happen if you are careful while putting in details. However, reviewing has its own benefits. Check once before you submit the application. It will let you rectify the errors that can ruin this opportunity for you.

Go for online submission

Once you write the application and cross-check it, you can submit it online. After this, it will reach us for further validation and processing. A swift message will drop in your inbox once the lender receives the loan request.

The bottom line

Emergency loans are an effective financial support for unhappy unemployed individuals. These loans help them gather the required finances to continue necessities till the next job gets confirmed. When other lenders turn down your request, direct lenders are your hope.

But before heading to apply for loans, validate how getting a loan can affect your future. Otherwise, you will make a wrong decision that can destroy your financial peace. You must handle loans responsibly so as to prevent further problems.


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