Road trip, baby!

Is there a better way to enjoy summer than a road trip with friends?

I remember my road trip last year that was epic. I am quite indoorsy, but my friend Charlie who was a marine cop and posted in Iraq for the past fifteen years, came back after early retirement. He is a lost spirit, always looking for adventure.

He calls me at night and tells me to get my bag ready because we are leaving for Napa valley. I was as shocked as I was surprised. Nonetheless, I packed my bag. The next morning he was there honking his SUV.

“nice car!” I said

“Thanks, now hop in, would ya!”, He yelled at the top of his voice.

“Can you even afford it?” I told as I was loading my bag.

“Oscar Wilde said, Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”, He smirked.

I got in, and we were on the way to Napa. 

While riding, I learned that he was tired of staying away. He completed his years, and he left as soon as it was over. He was back in America and was going to stay here.

He didn’t have much money, and whatever he had, he put all plus some borrowed amount into the SUV. He wanted to begin a travel business. He had even applied for emergency loans for veterans with bad credit. That is so, Charlie!

He was always like this. Spontaneous, crazy, and amicable. He would make friends very quickly. When we were on the way back, he told me to make a list of the best road trips we have taken over the years.

I loved the idea. And here is the result. Read along, and you will definitely get some idea to plan your next trip with Charlie.

Best Road Trips in the USA

Best road trips in the USA that I would recommend taking at least once in life are listed here:

  • Napa Valley, California
  • Route 66, Chicago to California
  • Pacific Coast Highway, California
  • Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Overseas Highway, Florida
  • Texas Hill Country, Texas
  • I-15: Las Vegas to Salt Lake City

Napa Valley, California

Since I had the most fun on this road trip, I am going to talk about it first. Napa has never missed a destination, and everyone should visit there once in a lifetime.

Napa Valley is known for the hotels and, my favorite, “wineries.” You can kick start your summer with a Napa holiday. The entire valley is breathtakingly beautiful and needs, I say, exotic.

If you plan to go to Napa, you take State Route 29 to view some of the over-the-top vineyards and wineries in the area. The whole highway 29 run takes you through Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, and Napa Valley.

Go ahead and try some new flavors, feel the fragrance, and enjoy the trip with your loved ones. You can go with your bae or your partner or friend.

Route 66, Chicago to California

This is easily my second favorite road trip. While at it, you must try Petrillo’s Pizza. They are right to refuel you with a great time.

Who doesn’t know about Route 66? It is unique in so many ways. It brings you cross-country from Chicago to California and gives you a small-town experience in America.

You get to see the rural communities closely while enjoying nature. Take this road trip as soon as possible, or it might change forever, and you will miss the whole experience. I would suggest you get an RV if you want to enjoy the entire route without any hassle.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Another gem from the California state that will make you fall in love instantly. This route is as fancy as it gets. It might be a little costly, but it is once in a lifetime kind of trip that you must take. The coast, the hill, this trip has everything to offer.

Get a convertible or lease an RV and hop on to the ride of your lifetime. Highway one, which extends from San Francisco to San Diego, has plenty of beautiful surprises packed for you.

The road trip lets you through the Big Sur, where the Santa Lucia Mountains offer a spectacular backdrop to the coast. So why wait while you are still on a trip? Try Moon shadows, a pretty amazing restaurant with some delicacies.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This trip is going to be an amazing experience if you love hills. We stayed in Mountain Springs Cabins and had the time of life. We were supposed to be back within 2 days, but we extended our stay for a whole week.

This place gives you an awakening. If you want to clear your head, I strongly recommend this place. The view and the location. It is all subliminal.

You should take this trip to relax and meet nature at its finest. Right to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and you get to “meet the speed” that’s right, it has a speed limit of 45 miles per hour, and you wouldn’t find any gigantic commercial vehicle.

The best time to take the trip is fall when you get to see the natural color of nature in falling leaves. You would want to extend your stay here, and if time permits, take a hike. A real surreal adventure awaits you.

Overseas Highway, Florida

I went on this trip in college. We were broke. None of us had any money, and we were traveling in a friend’s old car. We had amazing Tacos at Dolores Mexican Food Truck.

We had to get online loans for unemployed no credit checks to take for the next few months.

Head to this Overseas tropical getaway with your pals. Play some music, pack some snacks and get to it. You will see some of the finest that Florida has to offer.

If you love marine life, you will enjoy the spectacular view of vibrant coral reef parks and white-sand beaches. If you are interested, you can swim with dolphins.

Another adventure awaits you. Are you ready!

Texas Hill Country, Texas

Can any road trip ever be completed without our countryside trip? I went there with Charlie. It is a funny story. We both were betting on who could drink most beer without burping. The loser was going to pay for the trip. Surprisingly Charlie lost, but he would not accept it to date.

Anyhow, one thing led to another, and we found ourselves hitchhiking to Texas. That’s where we took the trip. In the morning, we had a delicious brunch at Hill Country Café and built memories of a lifetime.

Texas, the Lone Star State. If you want to see and know the state, the best way is to take a road trip. As the name suggests, Hill Country is known for its rolling hills between San Antonio and our own Austin.

As you move along the way, you will admire the picture-perfect beauty of bluebonnet blossoms. The landscape will feel magical and take you to a new world that you didn’t know existed.

Not only this, this trip allows you to visit some award-winning wineries and orchards. Try and pack some of those delicious apples and peaches while you are there.

The trip consists of some historical places, beautiful scenery, and memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

I-15: Las Vegas to Salt Lake City

Last but not least on my list is “Vegas baby!”

Need I say more? You know what they say, “what happens in Vegas, stays in …….”. Rest is a history in the making.

You kick your trip from San Diego, and through so many scenic places, you end up in Montana. If you are into the star wars universe, this trip will be of double excitement for you as some parts were shot in the desert near Nevada.

 You can make multiple stops at the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Lake Powell. I recommend you visit Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon, and most definitely go to Arizona’s Painted Desert.

This trip will be as colorful as it may sound.


Road trips arethebest ways to decompress and take a break from the everyday rut. These are easy on the pocket if you have your ride. If you are short on money, get bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval no credit check because my friend’s life is too short to live for a job.

Pack your bag, and plan your trip. Turn on the engine and start making memories.

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